Elephant in Camp

africa travel botswana

We knew that Botswana would be wild camping, and although we adjusted to elephants roaming our campsite, we never got comfortable with it.

africa travel botswana

We had a trio of bull elephants who wandered in and out of our campsite regularly. This is one of them.

africa travel botswana

Not easy to sit with your back to an elephant…

Oh, and just in case the photo makes him seem small, let me assure you that it is just a matter of distance and angle of the camera. They were each larger than our tent…

travel Africa Botswana wild camping

That’s our tent on the other side of the elephant. It is a very large tent. We call it the Taj Mahal

Just wanted to share a few snaps of the experience with you. Much to write about from this African adventure!

Happy Friday, readers. Have a great weekend!

Love, MarLa

8 Comments on “Elephant in Camp

    • I know what you’re saying. I was heartbroken about the Zimbabwean lion. Did you see they projected an image of him on the Empire State Building in New York?

      I come from hunters, and I grew up eating meat from venison stored from the deer hunted each autumn. Deer are overpopulous where I’m from, and the hunters I know all eat what they kill. My family used the food, and shared the food with friends.

      I can’t handle the idea of trophy hunting, especially not with animal numbers in the decline. Yes, I would much rather shoot them with my camera.

      Personally, I’m more and more vegetarian, because my body just can’t process meat like it used to.

    • Guys, I’m hooked!? I don’t know how you can handle the amazing wild that is Africa. Your part of the world just gets inside and creates a whole other part of a person (if that makes sense.)

      • It makes perfect sense, Marla! There’s simply no logical way to explain just how addictively our wild places becomes part of your being; how you long for it when you’re not “out there”.


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